Every retail business needs to ensure its technology is fit for purpose. There is so much advise available, sadly the vast majority have a vested interest so are not really independent. With the fast growth of mobile driven retail from payments to marketing there is no doubt retail is going mobile.

We really do understand the challenges and can help with:


We offer a number of innovative E-commerce solutions to deliver increased sales and profits which in today’s competitive marketplace can give your business the competitive advantage.

There are so many E-commerce businesses that fail because their strategy is not robust, or is simply not right for the evolving E-commerce space. Skyline totally understands retail E-commerce and the requirements to successfully meet your E-commerce retail strategy.  Whether you running a full trading website or using Amazon and Ebay we can deliver a fully integrated and automated E-commerce solution that will increase your service levels, reduce your overheads, grow your sales and increase your profits. 

Skyline has considerable experience, knowledge and capability to make this happen and make it very successful. You may be looking to start in the E-commerce space but are not too sure how and where to begin, Skyline has the skills, systems and expertise to guide you and set up all your E-commerce requirements from Mainframe to payment gateway, warehouse management systems, automating the fulfilment process, courier companies, merchant rates, Search engine optimisation, digital marketing and system integration. Skyline has considerable experience, knowledge and capability to make this happen but make it very successful.

Omni Channel

If a retailer wants a real edge within the crowded marketplace it needs to have its shops and online operations joined up, in other words become an Omni Channel retailer. Skyline can make your retail operation seamless, adding click and collect and world class distribution systems to deliver a more personalised customer experience to your customers. If you want to be a leader within your retail sector, then talk to Skyline to see how we can revolutionise your business.


  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile shopping
  • Mobile payments
  • Mobile business system.
  • IBeacons


Big Data

Are you making the most from your data?


Deciding if to move to EPOS and making the most of it.


We can help you develop and execute the right strategy for your business combining combining original thinking, astute analysis and practical solutions.

Sometimes its simply best to chat through with one of our team the challenges you are facing and let us discuss some of the technology based options with you


Examples of technology engagements

World largest installation of IBeacons.

World first mobile app for a railway station.

Specified the criteria for a number of commercial mobile enabled websites.

Specified EPOS for a number of different charity retailers

E-Commerce roll out for a retailer

Omni Channel advisors for a number of different organisations

Technology and Mobility advisory for a credit Union