Retail Strategy Consultants in London

Retail innovation:

We offer a number of innovative retail solutions to deliver increased sales and profits which in today’s competitive marketplace can give your business the competitive advantage.

There are so many business that fail because their strategy is not robust, or is simply not right for the evolving marketplace or they don’t know how to implement it. Skyline totally understand the retail marketplace and delivers best business strategy consulting, to assist you in developing a successful bespoke strategy that meets your objectives and vision.

There are many consultancies who develop their clients business plans around simply the clients vision and objectives without really ensuring it is fit for tomorrows marketplace.

Skyline always offers totally honest advice. We prefer customers for life rather than one off projects, so we would never undertake to develop a strategy that we believed was not robust or sustainable for the client.

Why do businesses use Skyline to help with their strategy?

We add considerable value. We ensure the typical mistakes business make don’t happen, plus unlike most consultancies, we can turn strategy into reality. Having a good strategy is one of the most important aspects of running a business, because failure to have a clear strategy, is having a clear strategy to fail

Reasons why people call us best strategy consulting firm in London:

  • We really understand retail / charity retail.
  • We are pragmatic and our solutions actually get results.
  • We understand retail related technology, especially Mobility and Omni Channel.
  • We don’t simply write a strategy we can deliver your strategy.

All our customers say we are different because:

  • We understand their business.
  • We deliver what we promise.
  • We can if required lead clients teams

The top 3 mistakes are:

  • A poor Vision or Mission statement that fails to engage people, so it fails to make a strong emotional connection with stakeholders.
  • The failure to have SMART business objectives.

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Examples of successful strategies

Designed and implemented a strategy to restructure the financial model for store staffing for a leading FTSE retailer. Sales improved by 4%, wages reduced by 1%. Improved customer test shopper results by 11%

Developed and rolled out strategy that produced increased profit for a charity retailer of £250k.

Developed and rolled out strategy to outsource the supply chain for a online retailer that reduced their costs by 12%

Developed and rolled out strategy that delivered a new retailer concept that became retail shop of the year.

Developed and rolled out strategy to rebrand and refit chain that improved sales by 11% and profits by 12%. While reducing customer complaints by 88%.