Skyline charity retail training is the UK’s only on the job skills training for charity retail management.  All the Skyline training options have a high degree of bespoke design to closely match the client’s specific requirements.  Every aspect of the training is designed to upskill individuals or whole retail teams irrespective of job titles with the industry leading best practices and on the job skills required to improve capability and performance.


Skyline charity retail commercial management training days – Core programme

Overview:  A full day’s high energy motivational hands on training for all charity retail managers, irrespective of current position.  The training is geared to improve their commercial decision making especially around the key variables like pricing of donations and use of retail space to maxiumise sales.  This is a highly technical training day designed to motivate and empower managers to make good commercial decisions.

Core elements

  1. E-Commerce and the digital enabled customer (understanding the changing face of the high street and why charity retail managers need to be more commercial).
  2. Data is king (why data is important and how to use the available data).
  3. Merchandising and the Moles Law of merchandising basic’s including the use of retail space.

Key Aspects

  1. A full day’s high energy motivational hands on training for all charity retail Managers.
  2. Improved understanding of the all commercial aspects of good charity shop management and how to maxiumise sales.
  3. Motivates the vast majority of attendees
  4. Some measurable outcomes


Skyline charity retail commercial management training –  Advanced

Overview:  This training is designed to follow on training from the core charity retail commercial management training. It can be adapted to meet the client’s specific requirements, but it is designed to build on the core training to develop a good level of expertise in the basics of commercial charity retail management and greatly increases the results.  This is ideally suited for Shop Managers and Area Managers

Core elements

  1. Data & Macro Merchandising:  Hands on training to maximise the use of retail space.
  2. Brand awareness & pricing :  Using data & brand awareness to price for maximise revenue hands on in a shops.

Typical outcome

The shop managers and area managers who embrace the training use data to make good commercial decisions and this improves sales performance in their shops

Key aspects

  1. ·       One to one hands on training in a live environment (shop)
  2. ·       Greatly improved understanding of all commercial aspects of charity retail.
  3.         How to maxiumise sales within their own shops.
  4. ·       A knowledge and skills assessment report .
  5. ·       Measurable outcomes


Skyline Charity retail leadership coaching

Skyline leadership coaching is structured to develop understanding and build confidence.  So often having someone to talk over difficult challenges who understands, is empathic, knowledgeable and honest can be help raise performance, reduce stress and build confidence as well as competence.  On longer programmes the coaching evolves into mentoring

Overview:  Bronze charity retail leadership coaching is a one to one short coaching programme covering a range of topics agreed in in advance. It is ideal for someone who needs to develop some different skills or needs a formal assessment of current capabilities based against what is required for the role.

Content: The one to one training takes place over a number of days / months depending on the areas of development.  This could normally include the topics below or any others agreed:

  1. Development of retail analysis knowledge, improving the understanding the cause and effect of the full range of different charity retail challenges.
  2. Assisting the development of the different tools / methods that can be used to maxiumise the performance of direct reports.
  3. Development of leadership, empowerment and performance management skills that relate to charity retail.
  4. Able to offer support and mentoring towards the formulation of any strategies to improve the business or implementation of any strategies already agreed.
  5. This can be formatted in to a personal development plan or be part of existing PDP.



“We had a full day’s training with the managers of both hospices which myself and fellow Chief Executive attended.  The training day was very specific to maximise the main areas of weakness.  Barry was a motivational high energy trainer who certainly made the session into an interactive highly charged event with lots of fun”.                                                             Maureen Thompson CEO Teesside Hospice

“We had a full day workshop for staff and volunteers which for me was a real highlight, run by Barry and presented extremely professionally. Everyone went away motivated, understanding their achievements already, and ready to implement improvements”                                         Jane Bradshaw CEO St Teresa’s Hospice