Health Check

How is your charity retail business really performing?

Charity retail boards and CEO’s need to have assurance that their retail business is performing as close as possible to its optimal performance. Obtaining optimum performance from a Charity retail operation is complex because of the range of interdependent variables. This makes it very difficult for boards and even the retail teams leadership to fully understand the root causes of underperformance.

Skyline has developed a very successful market leading product called ‘Health Check’ for undertaking a detailed yet bespoke audit of charity retail operations. This gives the level of assurance and independent insight that retail boards and CEO’s require.

This is a detailed full audit of a retail business or what is required by the board to identify the causes of underperformance and not simply logging of the obvious affects. The health check is totally bespoke service that aligns to the client’s requirements.  Typically the topics reviewed are:

Detailed business analysis and reporting arrangements review including:

  • Finance performance detailed analysis
  • Management reporting review
  • EPOS utilisation review

Staffing structure and retail leadership assessment including:

  • Staffing structure review
  • Retail leadership review

Recruitment, training and shop management performance review including:

  • Recruitment process review
  • Training & development review
  • Shop management review
  • Retail management capability review

Shop locations and condition review including:

  • Shop location existing or potential sites
  • Shop condition review

Merchandising review including:

  • Macro Merchandising (the Skyline 4P’s) review that includes;
    • The shop format (Promotion)
    • Shop layout (Place)
    • Pricing strategy (Price)
    • product categories stocked (Product)
  • Micro Merchandising review that includes all aspects of visual merchandising

Stock and Pricing review including:

  • Donated stock review
  • Stock rotation review
  • Ragged clothing review
  • Pricing of donated product review
  • Procurement of product (donated and bought in goods)
  • Bought in goods

Shop operations review

  • Shop visits review
  • Warehouse review
  • Retail processes review

Gift Aid review

  • Gift Aid performance review
  • Gift Aid compliance review

Branding review

  • Is the charity branding consistent and fit for purpose within the shops

E-Commerce review

  • Amazon and E-Bay review
  • Detailed analysis on the processes and costs

Retail strategy review

  • Detailed analysis on the current retail strategy – is it fit for purpose?


All skyline health checks are bespoke to deliver to the specific business requirement.   A full business health check is ideal for the full picture and can normally be completed with 4 weeks of appointment. More limited health checks are typically completed quicker.

All retail boards need, want and should have

  • Assurance
  • Insight
  • A different perspective

All CEO’s should be able to have independent view of their Retail business to:

  • Check out or develop a strategy
  • Clarify current performance issues
  • To clearly measure individual or business performance against recognised industry benchmarks.