Charity Retail Consultants

Every charity retailer needs a robust strategy but in this fast moving and changing retail environment this can be very challenging. We have a number of different services ideal for charity retailers.

Charity retail reviews

Most charity retail operations would benefit from a independent review for their retail operation to understand how to maxiumise the revenue from their retail operation.  A skyline review is a mixture of qualitative and quantitative investigation that engages the whole team to come up with the best solutions for the charity.  Skyline call this independent review process a Skyline Health Check.

Retail Operations

Charity retailers often struggle to use best practice across every shop mainly because the individual nature of the stores. Skyline has expertise in formulating bespoke operations manuals that fit perfectly with the current operations but align the shops with a standardised approach to some key areas. We can and do ensure best practices are in place across all stores.

Interim Leadership

We have a developed the Skyline Turnkey Solution for supporting charity retailers who need short or medium term leadership.  We supply industry recognised expertise to support, improve and lead charity retail operations across the UK


Amazon and E-Bay are utilized by many charities to raise revenue, but most find it challenging to make sufficient revenue from these E-commerce sites. In our experience it’s a labor extensive operation with high transaction and delivery costs that makes it difficult. A few charities have their own commercial retail site and Skyline is a well-known charity business advisor in London which has considerable experience, knowledge and capability to make this happen and make it very successful, including automating the fulfilment process. If you want an outstanding online operation you need Skyline.

Charity Retail Management Training

Retail is undergoing the biggest change in its history as consumers change their shopping habits. Charity retail is no exception and in fact has some additional challenges; falling donations, increased competition, lack of charity retail technical training / development, increased costs, the emergence of e-commerce and the digitally enabled customer. Charity retail management needs considerable expertise to thrive and maximise revenue from their retail operations during this time.

Skyline understands the difficulties charities face as their retail managers need specialist training and development to be effective. Compulsory training tends to be geared around subjects like: Health & Safety, Risk Assessments and Managing Volunteers but totally misses the technical training  charity managers need to become better retailers.

Skyline has developed a simple solution to address these challenging times. This is called Skyline Charity Retail Training.

The Skyline charity retail training upskills your current retail team, enabling them to perform at a higher level. This programme can also be used for induction training.  By using the Skyline charity retail training, you will:

Improve your compulsory training programme for retail

Improve the individual performance of your existing shop management teams

Omni Channel

If a retailer wants a real edge within the crowded marketplace it needs to have its shops and online operations joined up, in other words become an Omni Channel retailer. Skyline can make your retail operation seamless, adding click and collect and world class distribution systems to deliver a more personalised customer experience to your customers. If you want to be a leader within your retail sector, then talk to Skyline to see how we can revolutionise your business.


Selecting a new retail property is often left to a process in which increases the chance for a wrong property to be selected because there is not a uniformed process to measure a shop’s location. Skyline can help by carrying out a detailed analysis of your current properties and potential properties by using a mixture of experience and an industry leading tool to measure the potential value of every property.


There is often a short term requirement for leadership of the whole business or part of the business. Good leadership is critical for any business and any business with performance challenges need exceptional leadership which Skyline can provide, giving your business the maximum flexibility and capability irrespective of the challenge.


For charity retailers not currently using a EPOS system or considering an upgrade it’s a big decision. Skyline can help you in delivering best-in-class charity retail consultancy services by considering all the facts before making an irreversible decision. With growing number of charity retailers using Epos most don’t really use it fully to get the benefits, and Skyline can help you get a better sales return for the cost of operating a EPOS system quickly.

Health and Safety

Running a charity shop and ensuring Health & Safety doesn’t have to be a massive challenge. Skyline can offer training and a methodology to make it a lot easier, for example our checklist allows shops to be checked quickly and put right. If Health and Safety is an ongoing issue let Skyline help.


Procurement strategy is so often not a core element within charities yet it can make a considerable difference. Did you know for example a Skyline procurement strategy can dramatically reduce your costs and generate a considerable amount of corporate donations. Let us make a considerable difference to your business.


Irrespective of seniority or capability most people benefit at different times within their career from mentoring. The capability of a retailers management team is often dependent on their personal development and a Skyline mentoring program can assist this. Skyline has trained confidential mentors to assist the development of all key members of your team.


There is often the need to recruit new people yet getting the right person is so often slow, time consuming and challenging. Skyline is not a recruitment agency but we totally understand retail recruitment requirements and we listen to you. What you get is definitely the right person for your business.

Supply Chain

The supply chain within retail is often misunderstood or ignored yet it can make a measureable difference. We can help you make the best use of your stock ensuring its in the right place at the right time at the lowest cost. It’s not just common sense its expertise and a deep understanding of a retail business that is required.


As a charity retailer its often not what you have its how its marketed that separates the successful from the others. Skyline provide expert’s in developing a successful retail business and can produce and deliver the marketing strategy to make your business a success.


Every business sometimes has challenges that need an additional range of possible solutions. A Skyline consultation could be part of the solution because an additional expert who has a wide range of experience and expertise could just be the ideal solution.

and don’t forget to Gift Aid it

Efficiently using the Gift Aid scheme can add considerable revenue to the bottom line. There are pitfalls which so many charities fail to avoid or then simply don’t maximise the Gift Aid opportunities available. A Skyline Gift Aid review is a real opportunity to ensure you are making the most of your Gift Aid potential.

Examples of charity retail engagements

Improved charity retail revenue by £150,000 a year for a small charity retail operation

Winner of Time out retail shop of the year award for a London based charity

Improved revenue by £180,00 a year for a small charity retail operation

Installed the most advanced integrated  charity e-commence operation in the UK

Recommended improvements to generate a additional £255,000 revenue a year for a small charity retail operation

Leadership of culture and process change for a number of charity retail businesses.

Written successful strategic plans for many charity retail divisions

Launched new concept Home store that won retailer of the year.

Rebranded and refitted a charity retail chain to improve sales by average 11%.

Improved the return on rags even when the market prices have fallen sharply.

Planned and opened a new concept children store opened within budget and time frame.

Set up central distribution for retail chain improving sales by 32%.

Restructured many charity business to improve the operational effectiveness and reduce costs.