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Charity retail top 3 tips

Skyline work with charities across the Uk and we have published the top 3 tips to improve the revenue of a charity retail operation.     Charity Retail top 3 tips

Skyline charity management training

Skyline have launched the UK's only technical training for charity shop management.  charity shop managers are expected to be able to generate considerable profits within their shops but don't get the technical training to enable them to preform at the level required. Skyline have the solution CHARITY RETAIL TRAINING for charity shop management.  

Is your retail business ready for the digital revolution?

Retailers need to adapt quickly if they are going to survive. The need to change is being driven by many factors but especially the availability and use of increasingly sophistic digital technology, that are dramatically influencing customer expectations. This is demonstrated by the growth of E-Commerce and especially the use of mobile devises and M-Commerce. Today consumers are increasing shopping more and more with their smartphones (M-Commerce), doing product reviews, checking competitor’s prices in store and in fact retail is now anywhere and everywhere. We are now in the digital age. Some retailers believe incorrectly that they are digitally ready, Argos even incorrectly believe they have digital leadership. For a retailer to be digitally business ready for tomorrow’s shopping experience needs to offer choice, personalisation and accessibility. Tomorrows customers and in reality many of today’s customers want choice of how…

Charity Retail tomorrow

Charity Retail tomorrow Customer aspirations and choices are growing. Why then do some charity retailers believe that doing the same tomorrow that they did yesterday will bring better results? It’s a question that I have asked many charity retailers and so far I have never received a good answer. Especially when you consider that there are more charity retailers than ever plus a growing number of value retailers competing within the same marketplace. Why then are most charities are not doing what is required to tackle this growing competition is the key question but not that difficult to understand. It is mainly because it is very challenging to make the required changes plus most charity retailers are not able to fully grasp the changes required because of a combination of a lack of technical retail knowledge and the fear of…

The decline of charity retail has started

Just walk down any high street and you will find loads of different charity shops, because there are currently around 10,500 across the UK. Love them or hate them you simply cannot ignore them and you should thank them for being the saviour of our high streets. Most people would say charity retailers are doing well because they appear to be increasing in numbers and the shops are generally looking more and more upmarket. This perception is misleading as we are now at the end of the charity retail boom, with many struggling and closing shops just like Oxfam and more shocking Shelter actually lost money in 2012/13 and 2013/14 because of “difficult trading conditions and stock supply”. So what’s happening within our charity retailers? In recent years there has been a massive growth of eateries, charity retailers and coffee…

Virtual changing rooms – The future of fashion retail

changing rooms Virtual changing rooms will revolutionize fashion retail Virtual changing rooms have technically been available for a while but so far they have not been generally adopted by retailers. If we are to believe all the hype virtual changing rooms are the silver bullet for fashion retailers and totally revolutionise how we shop for clothes both online and instore. So why the hype? Virtual changing rooms will reduce costs for fashion retailers. The changing rooms are an area of stock loss and are always a high staffing cost, while online customer return 25% of purchased clothing with 70% being for the wrong size. Why is this technology so important for customers? Just Imagine you are about to go out to a special event and cannot find the right outfit. Today it’s a real challenge but tomorrow you go to…

Omni Channel changing users Into choosers

click here to read or download the full PDF. Omni channel choosing users into choosers

iBeacons are the future of retail

As more iBeacons are installed around the UK, the big question is; is your business planning to use iBeacons or are you going to be left behind? The technology Looking at the technology, in short an iBeacon is an advanced location transmitter that has the potential to revolutionize the retail experience by incorporating alerts for deals and mobile payments for customers, while also providing big data analytics for businesses. With the move towards personalising the customer experience there is a growing demand for customer data. This is all made easier because Bluetooth 4.0 does not require devices to be paired. They utilize Bluetooth Low Energy, a new variant of Bluetooth technology that allows two-way communication between devices using a triangular pattern over shorter distances. This way, businesses can set up the iBeacon transmitters that have signals up to 500 feet…